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Program Goals

The Goal of 2019 is to maintain relationships and continue to build rapport with Community residents and other like-minded organizations.  We plan to gain more Sponsors as well as role out other programs.  Our three (3) objectives are:  A. Provide more activities & events, B. Feed those in need and C. Enhance Police and Community relations.  All services will be offered free of charge.

Crisis Line

Non- 911 related calls such as loss of family member, job, prayer request etc. Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday’s 9pm- 11pm on call numbers provided Friday & Saturday 1am – 3am.

***Volunteers needed…clergy, counselors, spiritual leaders

Unity Sessions

If an individual is seeking a structured commitment, refer to one of our “Unity Sessions.” Examples but are not limited to: Abuse Training, Anger Management, Problem-Solving techniques, Understanding Control and recognizing Peer Pressures.

Cleaning House / Landscaping

This will be a community type cleanup day with assigned areas. Enhance hand eye coordination and social skills.

Gun Safety

attempting @ reducing gun related incidents by trying to eliminate the fear of guns through safe handling techniques, proper storing of the weapon and usage.

***Volunteers needed… officers, hunters, gun shop owners

Thump Therapy

aimed at reducing fighting/violence. Identify triggers, recognize strengths vs weaknesses, process anger issues and release stress through hitting and kicking punching bags. 4week course (1)Intro,(2) Working with triggers,(3)Coaching feelings and (4)Stress test punching/kicking gym workout bags.

Debate Day / Mock interviews

teach individuals how to engage in healthy expressions related to everyday life as well as prepare them for future job interviews by role playing. Teach healthy forms of expression, prepare applications, conduct panel interviews and model appropriate dress codes through donated materials.

Basic Tool Awareness

Express the importance of tool knowledge and what some engineers and construction workers need to complete a job. This will give participants an edge at identifying the purpose of basic tools like screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, rulers etc.

***Volunteers needed… construction workers, handymen, hardware shop owners.

Fishing Techniques / Supplies

Give a man a fish versus teaching a man to fish approach. Teach the difference between tying knots, casting reels, lures etc.

***Volunteers needed… anglers, school groups, store associates

Public Speaking / Talent Show

Create an environment where individuals are excited to engage, teach and or entertain groups. Have designated times and locations for participants to display their talents and gain confidence concerning personal skills.

Cooking Time

Offer simple cooking lessons for breakfast, lunch and dinner menus that will benefit all family members. Teach independent skills that will allow any person to favorably prepare a meal long-term.

***Volunteers needed… chef, restaurant owners, established cooks

Computer & Keyboarding Intro

Give individuals the opportunity to learn how to operate and execute basic computer tasks while being comfortable preparing printable documents. Help design and or create resumes, school documents and personal files.

Movie Day

This will provide an outlet for people in the community to relax and enjoy a family oriented social gathering with entertainment, free of charge. Hopefully, create a monthly movie experience for all to look forward to with community involvement.

Sports Corner

provide an opportunity for individuals to exercise, practice and or meditate.

***Volunteers needed… personal trainers, coaches etc.

Farming / Health & Wellness Prep

allow the participants to learn how to cultivate farming plots and grow vegetables and plants that could be utilized throughout the community for feeding and donating purposes. Focus on healthy eating habits and practice preparing well balanced meals.

***Volunteers needed…farmers, school reps etc.